Prototype Game Design – UI/UX – USA

Prototype Game Design – UI/UX

We are looking for designers who will want to specialize in the mobile gaming sector. We are working on a project to build a new multiplayer mobile game that will run on both apple and android products.   We are a small independent game company and this will be our first mobile game launch. We intend to build and launch this game within 90 days. We are based in New York City.

This candidate will work on the creative process which includes design of UI’s, fonts, logos, backgrounds, objects, and animations. The candidate should be very experienced with understanding illustration of digital art, resolutions and dimensions, and be mobile focused. We are looking for clean, sexy, and colorful designs which can be an element to make this game highly addictive and successful. The designer will work thru 3 major steps of the game development.

Phase 1 – Concept design snapshots (translation of basic game requirements and wireframes to potential game screenshots)
Phase 2 – Design all assets for the game (requires working with our development team on breaking out general game mocks to each game element)
Phase 3 – Re-tool certain game elements based on feedback from Q&A process

We are competitively priced and are willing to pay for top talent in design.

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