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Thanks for taking time to read about ZigZagZurich.   Were looking for talented people to work with who want to explore taking art onto home textiles and accessories.  We have no boundaries on what we will look at but ask our artists to think how they can transform their work into something people will adore… sleeping in art means a new dimension of how it can be appreciated.  We provide the stage, the tools, the manufacturing and the curation .

We believe our customers want to know more about what they are buying so for us its important to understand the story behind the work along with how the art has developed… we use the term industrially handmade throughout the process.


ZigZagZurich is a new Lifestyle Brand founded and based in Switzerland in 2013 that, through an international network of curators, invites and supports undiscovered and established creative talents from all trends to design products for a stylish day-to-day life, accessible to a sophisticated clientele via online and selected retail outlets worldwide.

Based on 25 years experience in the home decor and textile industry, we have worked with textiles on various levels from high-end luxury to custom art installations. We consider fabrics like any other piece of art and over the years our clients have come to understand the same. Our fundamental interest in Off–Stream, our passion for unique techniques and inspiring people, led us to looking at the ready made home textiles and accessories market and thinking what is wrong and missing from it today.

ZigZagZurich is the brainchild of two people, from two different backgrounds – design and technology with one shared vision, to bring a new dimension into lifestyle products directly to consumers globally and powering the design community with a fresh business approach embracing social and ecological aspects at the same time. 

ZigZagZurich embraces a new consumer’s philosophy where on one side we edit and support the work of young talent in the international art and design scene into lifestyle products and on the other, a cosmopolitan clientele can purchase unique products and support and benefactor the art community at the same time.  

Unlike most other brands with a strict commercial goal, ZigZagZurich is a new format and a new nourishing way of working and promoting artists and illustrators of the next generation and connecting them to a wider consumer market which is clearly interested in less commerce but more art and design with simple attention to detail and quality, exquisite design and fair price.  We work with artists from a broad spectrum covering fine art, digital, illustration, avant-garde – we have no boundaries.

Under the creative direction of ZigZagZurich, searches and invites through a network of curators and galleries,  artists from all-over the world to become part of this Lifestyle brand and create products which reflect their artistic work whilst supporting the artists we work with.

Design and Quality Made in Switzerland

Our product palette includes: 

–    Bed Linens and Bed Accessories

–    Ready Made Draperies

–    Home Accessories

–    Fashion Accessories such as luxury scarfs and bags

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