Photographers, illustrators, designers and cartoonists – Everywhere

We are a unique new online stock image library and picture agency. We specialise in all things related to corporate social responsibility, ethical business and sustainability.

We are looking for talented photographers, illustrators, cartoonists and graphic designers to join our network of contributors. You can upload high-quality images directly to our website and sell them to our clients in companies, PR firms, NGOs and media.

We will market them on your behalf. You keep copyright and control of your images. We don’t require exclusivity.

We will also consider representing you to clients for commision work on bespoke projects with companies, PR firms and NGOs.

As more companies embrace corporate social responsibility, demand is growing for strong images for reports, campaigns, websites, advertisements, presentations, publications and communications.

There is huge demand for images to illustrate some of the more specialist, abstract and conceptual ideas associated with corporate responsibility. There is relatively little supply. That mismatch represents an enormous opportunity for creative photographers, illustrators and graphic designers.

If you can come up with original, compelling images to represent corporate compliance with anti-bribery legislation, say, or transparency in the mining industry sector, you’re on to a winner. Your pictures will be bought again and again.

We need images on anything and everything to do with the following areas:

– The environment, the natural world, sustainability, ecosystems, recycling, green energy, renewable energy, alternative energy, carbon trading, solar energy, wind energy, green building, permaculture, conservation, food security, green products and services

– Business, industry, commerce and finance

– Corporate responsibility, ethical business, social enterprise, health and safety

– Positive concepts such as integrity, ethics, cooperation, impact, responsibility, community, diversity and equality…

– Negative concepts such as greed, selfishness, unethical, dishonesty, deception, illegality, harm, opacity, greenwashing, cynicism, manipulation, scandal…

– Philanthropy, charity and disaster relief

– Images for creative use: colours, patterns, mosaics, textures, seasons, tastes, sensations, emotions, backdrops, shapes, spectrums, nature, cities, skies, clouds, seas, hills, mountains, islands, deserts…

– Emotions: happy, delighted, calm, tranquil, peaceful, joyful, confident, surprised, overjoyed, enraptured, captivated, engaged, sad, angry, upset, disappointed, let down, depressed, confused, overwhelmed, unsatisfied…


To become a contributor, please visit this link and follow the instructions to upload high-res images:


We will be in touch if your images are up to scratch and we want to represent you. If you already have an archive of stock images, we would be happy to receive it on CD-Rom or via electronic upload.

Once you have been accepted into our agency, we will market your work actively and intelligently. We will also represent you to clients for corporate shoots and bespoke products.

This is an opportunity for imaginative, creative and professional image-makers to make a mark and work with a dynamic global team devoted to making the world a better place through top-class imagery and communications.

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