Storyboard Artist – Anywhere

We are building up a Team to produce the best TV show for kids ever seen since long time, at least in Europe, and probably in the world, is meant to revolutionize the market, not even for its look but for its content, educational, entertaining and hilarious.

At the moment we are in the first stage, where we are looking for people enthusiastic about Animation TV shows, people who wants to work in this field, and wants to revolutionize it. People who wants to do special things, and adores Animation and Kids.

Our target audience is from 7 to 11, but we are not letting adults behind, this tv show is interesting for everyone. How are we going to make it interesting for everyone? with the argument, with the humor and with an amazing Storytelling.

So those who have the spirit to start this journey with us, Go ahead! Send us your CV.

We already have the Producer, the “expertise in the matter of the argument”. And the main StoryLine.

Profile of the people we are looking for:
1. Passionate about what you do.
2. Proactive and self-driven, who likes to come with solutions and think out of the box.
3. Creative and someone provide clean, modern designs and looks.
4. You are ready to work deeply in an international long term project.
5. Someone who is humble and has good sense of humour.

Other requirements:
We are an international friendly and ambitious team of professionals. We have at heart to build a good environment of work, as we are convinced we all benefit from a happy team. If you think this is a fulfilling mentality for you, look at the requirements below and send us your application:
1. Relevant education and 3-4 years work experience
2. Experience in Animation, 2D or 3D.
3. Short or Long experience in TV Shows is Required.
4. English as a working language.
5. Knowledge in animation and / or illustration.

¿Cómo apuntarse?

Entra o regístrate para consultar los datos de contacto de esta oferta.


Storyboard Artist
Barcelona, London, Paris, the World
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