Artistic & Creative Visual Graphic Designer – India

Artistic & Creative Visual Graphic Designer – India

About the Company :
Total Environment is an architect led real estate design and development firm, with projects that range from residential apartments to corporate campuses. We build completely furnished, individually customized spaces with a focus on good design and sensitive detailing. Our homes are warm and intimate, creating an inspiring space for the families who share similar passion in what we do.

Our vision is to provide an unsurpassed living experience through the creation of sensitively designed inspiring spaces. Our core strength is the ability to understand and meet the customer needs through innovative concepts, personalized service, total transparency and of course, buildings of the highest quality.

Our homes and projects are characterized by –
• Architectural design & detailing
• Connect with nature – use of natural materials, terrace gardens & water bodies
• Extensive customization
• Transparency & ethical business practices
• Well furnished and with comprehensive home automation
• Long term commitment to project maintenance
• In-house construction; High quality finishes & workmanship

We are now developing projects in new geographies, which, in addition to Bangalore & Pune, include Hyderabad, Chennai, Ooty and Mysore.
As we scale up, we want to ensure that our core philosophy and vision are not diluted. We need to hire the right kind of people who believe in our vision and help them to perform at their best. For this, we require a seasoned & enthusiastic individual as a creative Visual Designer with particular focus on our approach with the culture of creativity, high quality delivery and responsibility.

Graphic Designer with an artistic outlook
Experience in working with media agencies, production firms and supporting teams
High level of professional and emotional maturity, strong work ethic and an ability to work well in a team
Creativity in practice while reflecting the ethos and philosophy of the Total Environment organisation

Key Responsibilities:
Design & devise the communication from Total Environment in line with brand guidelines
Create artefacts that hold the sensitivity and complexity of our offerings across all marketing requirements
Evolve the identity and impact of our launches, presentations, sales kits, brochures, handouts, gifts, calendars and advertisements across all media
Define the visual and messaging outcome of Total Environment’s online presence and visibility in any event as necessary
Support the business with innovative artwork and manage creatives for effective communication
Supervise production of all creatives to the exacting requriements of the brand – with ownership of execution & implementation
Bring out the best of Total Environment and to showcase the same through all channels of marketing deplo

Reports to : Head of Marketing / CEO
Location : Bangalore, India

email : /

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