2D Game Artist – USA

2D Game Artist
Apportable – SpriteBuilder: 2D Game Artist
SpriteBuilder, sponsored by Apportable, is the only game development suite that allows you to run your Objective-C code natively on Android. Apportable compiles Objective-C programs directly to ARM or x86 machine code, so a game built with SpriteBuilder will run faster on Android than a game written in Java or other languages.
SpriteBuilder is the culmination of years of tireless effort from hundreds of contributors. We have brought together the maintainers of the four of the most popular open source iOS game tools (Cocos2d, Cocos3d, CocosBuilder, and Chipmunk) to create a new, integrated development experience. SpriteBuilder 1.0 also includes the much anticipated v3 release of Cocos2d, the most widely used iOS game engine.

SpriteBuilder is looking for an amazing game artist to join our team in San Francisco.  The 2D Game Artist will work directly with the creator of SpriteBuilder, Viktor Lindholt, and alongside the Apportable team to create stunning visual designs across characters, environments and props in an unrestricted, self-managing environment. Candidate will be required to develop content ranging from conceptual design to final production assets.

•    Be your own boss. Define your own work priorities.
•    Create and design the most visually jaw-dropping display of creativity imaginable in a game.
•    Build demos for SpriteBuilder and ship simple, but visually appealing games to the AppStore and Google Play.
•    Work with SpriteBuilder creators and contributors as well as Apportable founders to design other unnamed projects.

•    Must have portfolio of 2D and concept game artwork.
•    Expert with Photoshop and Illustrator.
•    Concept art experience in both character and environmental work.
•    Excellent design skills, including the effective use of color, form, lighting, and composition.
•    Ability to self-manage all aspects of visual design and game art production.

•    Location, relocation, transportation allowance, parking, living stipend
•    Smart team, great technology, young startup, visibility, no management, collaborative work environment
•    Free lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks of all types.
•    Onsite yoga and fitness classes, kickboxing, gymnastics rings, tri-weekly basketball outings
•    Open source enthusiastic environment, space for hackathons, Meetups, coding camps, office hours, happy hours and workshops

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