Content Editor – USA

Content Editor
Customer Service | Green Bay, WI, United States

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SBWire is a leading online newswire service and media management platform, designed for small to medium-sized businesses and nonprofit organizations, connecting marketers and communicators to journalists, editors, and online publishers around the world.
The primary purpose of the Content Editor p osition is to review client submitted content such as press releases, profiles and related multimedia , addressing common quality control issues and determining the quality of the submitted content. Content Editor s will also provide front-line customer service.
Both full-time and part-time positions are available in a variety of times at our Green Bay, WI location.
Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities
– M ake minor corrections to customer submitted content including spelling and grammatical errors.
– Format customer submitted content to fit the company’s editorial guildelines
– Grading content according to the company’s editorial guideline
– Manage content schedules
– Working with content submitters to correct major content issues
– Rejecting submitted content that is not permissible based on the company’s editorial guidelines
– Provide front-line customer support using the company’s online support tracking system, live chat system and email and telephone.
– Perform other duties as assigned
Education and Experience
A successful candidate will:
– Have strong writing and proofreading skills with the ability to edit user generated content.
– Have good organizational and problem-solving skills
– Be able to coordinate with other internal and external contacts
– Be able to prioritize multiple activities
– Be proficient with Windows based computer. Using email, web browser and word processing application in a multitasking environment is required.
– Have experience in customer service with the ability to work directly with the public
– Have an understanding of public relations, SBWire will provide training as needed
– Have an understanding of online marketing, SBWire will provide training as needed

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