Creative Services Audio Specialist – USA

Creative Services Audio Specialist – Spurs Sports & Entertainment
POSITION TITLE: Audio Specialist 
DEPARTMENT: Creative Services
DIRECT REPORTS: Production Manager
Well versed in different genres of music. This position will Conduct Audio Engineering, music/efx playback operation and preparation for all Spurs, Stars and Rampage home games, special events and conventions. Edit/mix and create all audio/music elements for all franchises home games including dance/cheer team routines, mascot skits, in game trains (prompts), hot time outs, bring em back music clips and creative music themes for on court promotions. Instrumental in creating/editing/mixing music scores and assist Game Director with visual/video/lighting elements/theming of all franchises Video Opens, including technical/performer aspects of the Game Entertainment Production to ensure its full potential of successfully providing the fans of the most aw-inspiring experience.  Consistently creating/implementing musical ideas that provides an always fresh, energetic, fun filled and fan inspiring atmosphere at all home games.
The incumbent in this position is expected to model the following practices on a daily basis: 1) Demonstrated alignment with the company’s mission and core business values; 2) Collaboration with key internal/external resources and 3) Ongoing self development.
1. Power up Mix location, checking all equipment is in working order. Assist with setup for that night’s event & confirming all is in working order. (Mics, Clear Com, etc…)
2. Contact mascot for his needs & performance during the game. Locate and edit music to satisfy and compliment his performance. Fulfill dancers’ needs by creating/editing dance routines for future games. Run through dancer rehearsal and confirm the music for their routine. Load all changes into Game Ops computers. (Mascots skits/dance routines/promotions/trains, etc…)
3. Conduct music/efx playback for pre- game, in- game, post- game events.
4. Assist game director when needed calling Mascot/dancers Hot timeouts to maximize fan enjoyment/enthusiasm
5. Produce & edit all radio spots for Spurs, Rampage, Stars & Toros.
6. All other duties as assigned.
The following are examples of personal attributes considered essential requisites for effective performance of the holder of this position.
A. Team Building: Reaches out to peers and cooperates with supervisors to establish an overall collaborative working relationship; motivates others to work together toward common objectives; successfully gains cooperation in situations that require teamwork; works effectively in cross-functional groups; promotes open participation and communication within department and throughout the organization; adapts to other people’s behavior style in order to achieve the desired goals of the team; and promotes team spirit within and outside department; partners with other groups.
B. Adaptability: Capable of keeping an “open mind” and flexible; copes successfully with unexpected events; adapts well to, and supports, change; when necessary, initiates and enforces change; and brings simplicity and order out of complexity and chaos.
C. Positive Thinking/Attitude: Resolves conflict in positive ways; Communicates policies, procedures and company culture in a positive manner even if not completely agreeing with them; Maintain a positive work environment by creating job motivation, remaining enthusiastic about taking on a challenges, demonstrating an “I care” attitude, approaching others in a pleasant, happy, and upbeat manner, and always finding the positive aspect of a negative situation.
D. Detail-Oriented: Double checks the accuracy of information and work product; carefully monitors details and quality of own and others’ work; provides accurate information and conducts necessary follow ups in a timely manner.
Minimum Qualifications:
• Music expert on all genres / Knowledgeable on the history of music/Up to date on the latest music trends.
• Audio recording background/Audio Producer
• Musician is a plus
• Video edit & photography is a plus
• Copyrighting experience a plus
• Ability to prioritize multiple tasks and support multiple high level positions.
• Demonstrate poise, tact and diplomacy.
• Strong teamwork aptitude required.
• The ability to work independently and coordinate multiple tasks.
• A Bachelor’s degree, technical degree or 4 years’ experience in a related field.

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