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Nonfiction Partners is the fastest-growing, most professional place on the planet to find a ghostwriter. Our model is to match only the world’s best writers with the world’s best clients. If you are a talented, professional writer and you would like to learn more about ghostwriting opportunities, we want to hear from you.
Sample Opportunities
We are always looking for truly fantastic writers with a wide range of writing styles, interests, and expertise. Potential clients’ needs vary, and can include ghostwriting an entire book, helping to prepare book proposals, ghostwriting articles and white papers, editing current work, consulting, blogging, and speechwriting. The following list is a partial, representative sample of some of our current opportunities:
* Wanted: Ghostwriter for an executive at a major international company on a project about business leadership.
* Wanted: Ghostwriter for a professor to help adapt an academic paper for a more mainstream audience.
* Wanted: Ghostwriter to help a client use her travel musings and photos to create a self-published coffee table book.
* Wanted: Ghostwriter on a wedding planning book.
* Wanted: Ghostwriter on a Christian parenting book.
* Wanted: Ghostwriter to help a fiction writer restructure and edit existing work.
* Wanted: Ghostwriter to help a crime victim tell her true story.
* Wanted: Ghostwriter to help a major corporate whistleblower tell her story.
* Wanted: Ghostwriter to help a retired military officer and finance executive write a book about how the financial crisis taught him what’s truly important in life.
* Wanted: Ghostwriters to help several potential clients write memoirs and family histories.
* Wanted: Ghostwriter to help write a guidebook on caring for aging parents.
* Wanted: Ghostwriters to write blog posts on behalf of clients in several very specific niche industries.
* Wanted: Ghostwriter to help the CEO of an investment firm with a book project on his theory of how to predict successful companies.
Who Should Apply
First, please do not apply unless you are a legitimate, published, professional writer. Most opportunities are not suitable for writers who are just starting out or who do not have credits and great clips. Our network includes experienced ghostwriters, but a majority of our writers are authors and journalists who ghostwrite in between other projects. They include the authors of New York Times bestsellers and writers whose work has appeared in top newspapers and magazines (for example, The Atlantic, Fortune, People, Real Simple, Sports Illustrated, Time, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, USA Today, and many others). We especially want people who fit the following descriptions:
* Experienced, professional ghostwriters. (We can work with you if you cannot name clients publicly, but you will have to reveal them to us.)
* Published authors who have written nonfiction books for major publishers. (Sorry, self-published works do not count).
* Experienced journalists and writers who have been on staff or done significant freelance work for major media (newspapers, magazines, websites and television).
* Experienced speechwriters for major political or business figures.
* Experienced, professional bloggers who can show substantial growth in traffic and unique visitors.
* Experienced publishing professionals, in the acquisition, representation, and production processes.
How to Apply
To apply, please send an email to, including the following:
1. In under 400 words, describe your credentials and your special areas of interest and expertise. Provide links to any work that you want us to consider (including the Amazon pages for your books, if any). You must include full links without tracking or affiliate codes — no, no Amazon affiliates, etc.
Most important: Describe the kinds of projects you would MOST like to work on, and the kinds projects of projects you are LEAST interested in. Our goal is always to match passionate, professional writers with the best projects, so don’t tailor your interests to match the jobs listed above, or to what you think we might be likely to have.
Instead, tell us about your interests and expertise, and list the things you would love to have the chance to write about. (When we get an inquiry from a potential client who wants to write about a seemingly obscure subject, it will be to your advantage to have told us that writing about that unusual subject is one of your passions.)
2. Attach your resume (.pdf preferred).
3. Attach a one-page (repeat: one-page!) introductory letter (.pdf preferred again). This letter will likely be shared with potential clients, so make it perfect! Again, you may include hyperlinks or refer to work samples but these must be clean links — no shortlinks, tracking codes or affiliate codes.

When applying, mention you saw this opening listed at

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