Urban Outfitters Display Artist – USA

Urban Outfitters Display Artist
DISPLAY ARTIST … AN ARTIST’S DREAM JOB Success at Urban Outfitters is based not only on our unique product and store environments, but also on the creativity of our store teams.
YOU: You have a high level of craftsmanship standards with a background or degree in fine arts, architecture or design. You are certified to use the following power tools: circular saw, chop saw and power drill. You thrive when given the freedom to make decisions and act in a way that you know is right for your customer and employees. You are a self-starter looking to grow with our company. You are original, smart, creative, energetic, witty, courageous and confident. You…love UO!
US: We do things differently at Urban Outfitters. We give our Display Artists the opportunity to envision, create and showcase their artistic talents. We empower our teams to make the decisions and own the results. We encourage mutual respect among our employees and foster an environment of collaboration.
Our stores typically have four departments, (Women’s, Women’s Accessories, Men’s and Home), which give the Display Artist a canvas to create an inspiring and engaging environment for our customer. We encourage them to make it their own!
We expect our Display Artists to own their development and to eventually become our Senior Display Coordinators or part of the Home Office team. We are committed to our employee’s development and offer career opportunities in our stores and Home Office.
We embrace you – your style, your music, your fashion, your art, your whatever!
•    Strive to INSPIRE the store team and our customer by creating a store environment that highlights our product and our customer’s lifestyle and interests
•    INTERPRET company direction to create an artistic, visionary and unique environment
•    COLLABORATE with Store Merchandising Manager to ensure timely completion of visual projects
•    Actively SEEK OUTSIDE INSPIRATION and share new ideas
•    Be RESPONSIBLE for the store’s display budget and expense reporting requirements
•    Ensure SAFETY STANDARDS are upheld by the store team in regards to displays, materials storage and tool usage
•    Exercise strong LOSS PREVENTION awareness and compliance
•    Cultivate a “PEERS TEACHING PEERS” environment
•    Take PRIDE in your store (maintain a safe, clean and organized store and display room)

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