Various Artists, Hoot Creative Arts – UK

Various Artists, Hoot Creative Arts
Yorkshire Closes Friday 23 May 2014 Paid (£10k-15k pro rata) Part time Artform: combined arts, dance, film, literature, photography, music, theatre, visual arts   Contact: Graham Browning

Call for Various Artists –Dance, Film, Drama, Photography, Digital Media, Singing, Music, Music Technology, Visual Arts, Etc
Once again Hoot Creative Arts is looking for New Blood. We need talented artists to work with us on our arts & mental health project Going Sane? We now have funding to provide training for community artists and to develop Going Sane? projects.Going Sane? is our new flagship project which will provide community groups with opportunities to think about what keeps them sane and what drives them mad and how creativity relates to sanity and madness.
We are looking for established/emerging community artists who can demonstrate insight into working with people in groups and individual settings, the capacity to teach and inspire, allied to strong artistic skills in dance, drama, film, photography, digital media, singing, music, music technology, visual arts. We want you to be ambitious about taking these skills to new people, developing new projects and creating challenging art works that will make people sit up, take notice.
This opportunity requires artists to invest some of their time and effort in developing the work in order to reap the benefits. The programme will involve an initial 6 weeks’ training (half day per week) to which artists must commit in order to be employed on the paid Going Sane? projects which will follow.
In addition to Going Sane? projects there may also be opportunities for artists to deliver elements of our current creative programme. We want to develop a bank of artists who can work within our philosophy, deliver Going Sane? projects, and be well placed to take on other projects or posts when opportunities arise.
If you are interested visit our website to apply:
The deadline for applications is midday Friday 23rd May
This will be followed by a meeting for shortlisted artists on Thursday 19th June, pm.
The training and development workshops will begin on Thursday 3rd July, pm.
If you have any queries or would like an informal chat about this opportunity please ring Graham Browning on 01484 516224 or email

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