Writer/Social Media Coordinator – USA

Writer/Social Media Coordinator
Tracking Code
Job Description
This position is responsible for assisting in the development of company communication pieces (print, online and video) to promote and publicize Do it Best Corp. programs, services, and news to members, prospects, Do it Best Corp. staff, and vendors.
•    Research, write and edit all content for Family News, the company monthly newsletter
•    Oversee the development of robust and relevant content on mytoolbox and establish the portal as a “must visit” spot for all Do it Best Corp. staff
•    Coordinate the company’s social media strategy on Facebook and LinkedIn and report key analytics of its effectiveness
•    Develop talking points and presentations for executive staff and Do it Best markets
•    Assist with the development and production of key market and Winter Conference events, including the Vendor Meeting, LBM Preview, Merchandising Preview, Kickoff Breakfast, Member/Vendor Excellence Breakfast, Prospect Luncheon and Shareholders’ Meeting
•    Stay up-to-date on corporate standards to ensure that all company communications are accurately represented
•    As with all of the company’s office or facility specific positions, being at work on time and maintaining good attendance is a condition of employment and is an essential function of your job.  Regular attendance is not only essential for a business to operate efficiently, but attendance and punctuality are good measures of your interest in your job and will impact your performance appraisal.
•    Write and oversee production of the corporate on-hold messages
•    Assist in proofing all emails sent out to members for content, design, valid mydoitbest.com links, and corporate standards
•    Assist in developing member stories for Profit Lines and mydoitbest.com
•    Fully back up all approval and posting responsibilities for content submitted for mydoitbest.com, doitbestcorp.com and independentsdoitbest.com
•    Special projects
Required Skills
Education & Experience Requirements
•    Bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, public relations, marketing, English or related field of study
•    Experience in writing for social media for business applications
•    Demonstrated familiarity with using standard business computer applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
•    Ability and willingness to learn
•    Related job experience in the communications field

Skills & Abilities
•    Excellent written communications skills
•    Excellent proofreading skills
•    Effective project management skills
•    Strong attention to detail
•    Experience with the functionality of Facebook and LinkedIn
•    Ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously
•    Ability to adapt to change
•    Ability to conduct effective interviews, research, and summarize valuable information
•    Experience with Microsoft SharePoint
•    Experience working in team settings
•    Experience with the planning and execution of event productions
Job Location
Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
Position Type

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