Senior Designer-Animator – USA

Senior Designer-Animator

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Job Summary: The successful candidate must possess the ability to conceive and execute compelling and award-worthy computer design and animation product for Tribune Corp’s West Coast Station Group.

Duties:  Develop, create and render Marketing & Sales design projects for Tribune television stations.

Work directly with SVP Creative, Station GM’s and CSD’s to accept, produce and deliver projects.

An extremely high level of qualitative expertise in creating compelling and polished design and animation product for air is the core competency for this position.

Candidates will possess a strong and demonstrated ability to comprehend station brands and marketing agendas.

Work will require expert level, hands-on experience with Macintosh computers, operating systems Adobe Suite, Cinema 4D and Apple FCP editing and associated design software.

Fluency with Microsoft Suite and other typical office software, along with an ability to learn additional Tribune proprietary business software is also required.

Requirements:  Ability to manage multiple projects under extreme deadlines.

Ability to work creatively and collaboratively with other staff members.

Dedication, passion and a strong work ethic are prerequisites.

BA degree preferred or equivalent expereince.

Five years major market expereince in a similar capacity.

Work samples commensurate with major market or network level quality.

Three industry references, three personal references will be requested from the candidate at the interviewing stage.

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