Art Director – France

Art Director – France

If you’ve ever heard of Applidium, you’ll know we’re a team of experts specialized in designing and developing mobile applications : games, utilities, sports apps, news apps. We’re working on both the iOS and Android platforms, and we like experimenting with other less popular OSes.

Our activity is double-sided : on the one hand we publish our own applications, and on the other hand we have a consultancy activity where we leverage our expertise to help large organizations.

Job description

We are seeking the art director who will take care of our graphical production.
Working in pair with our interaction designer, you will be in direct relationship with project designers and software engineers. They will detail clients’ needs and share technical opportunities.

On clients’ projects, you will work in team to define the overall interface and then you will be autonomous to create, design and deliver graphical assets.
On our internal projects, you will responsible for Applidium visual identity, you will work on the company’s positioning and attractiveness.

You may be required to work on the following part of our projects:

iOS, Android and HTML mock-ups
Logos, graphic identity and declinations
Marketing and sales graphical assets

Job qualification

You have a strong education in Graphic design, and ideally have a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic design. You also have a solid experience designing web and mobile applications.

Required qualifications

Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite
Fast execution
Curious, open-minded, conviction

Qualifications that we’ll appreciate

Basic knowledge in video production
Some experience in 3D modeling and rendering
Practice of an artistic activity is a plus

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