CPT call out – BBC Performing Arts Fund Fellowship – UK

CPT call out – BBC Performing Arts Fund Fellowship
(funding section please, deadline 23 July)

Camden People’s Theatre is applying to the BBC Performing Arts Fund to host a Fellow in 2015. PAF Fellowship scheme aims to support individuals through the early stages of their performing arts career, helping them to establish themselves in the professional world through bespoke placements within existing organisations.

Building on the success of previous projects, CPT is creating a PAF Fellowship for an artist who places communities at the heart of his/her practice. We’re open to speaking to a range of theatre and arts professionals we have not previously worked with, including performers, devisors, directors, composers, spoken word artists, dancers, musicians, producers or any other creative working in the sector. What we’re looking for is project proposal and/or artistic practise that demonstrate high artistic quality and meaningful engagement with communities.

Read the full brief here – http://bit.ly/1gKOsKg
Email Fergus Evans, fergus@cptheatre.co.uk, number 0207 419 4841

email fergus@cptheatre.co.uk
website bit.ly/1gKOsKg

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