PanicLab seeks performer – UK

PanicLab seeks performer
PanicLab is auditioning for a female performer for its new show, ‘R.I.O.T.’.

R.I.O.T. is in the last phases of rehearsals for premiere on 18th October at Dance CIty, Newcastle. A comic book come to life, it stages 4 performers playing superheroes caught in a series of conflicts which are both personal, and intricately political. Through action-packed choreography and projected illustrations, they question what a superhero might look like in today’s complex and troubled world.

Technical requirements include:
-Strong floor work technique.
-Basic acrobatic skills such as front/back rolls, cartwheels and hand stands.
-Martial arts skills would be an asset.
-Ideal candidates must be athletic and with strong stamina.

Comfortable devising/improvising movement
Experience in working with text on stage


Full information on the role and how to apply:


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