Web Illustrator/Designer/Builder – Short Contract – UK

Web Illustrator/Designer/Builder – Short Contract
Best Days of our Lives is a community project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. We have collected memories of east Londoners specifically about games and play in the last 50 years.

We are looking for an experienced designer who will deliver the final digital element of the project. We want to host an online toy box through our wordpress blog: bestdaysofourlivesproject.wordpress.com. This means translating our research into something interactive. We must show types of games, from different countries, with instructions/ links how to play. We see this as an engaging database – you may be an illustrator, or flash animator or have other ideas.

Application deadline: 30th October 2014
Contract Delivery: 26th November 2014

You must be London based, available for meetings, be able to deliver all elements. We are offering a buyout fee of £850.
Pls send your CV and a half page proposal of how you might approach this.

email maximalchris@gmail.com

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