Head of Enterprise and Resources – Turner Contemporary – UK

Head of Enterprise and Resources – Turner Contemporary
Margate, East Kent

This role requires a driven person with passion and a commitment to contemporary arts. Also, the individual needs the skills and abilities to fully utilise the assets of the gallery the spaces, the café, the shop to maximise income.

The individual must be entrepreneurial in their approach, but politically aware to the environment and sector that they are working in. As well as the commercial side, this role is responsible for overseeing the operational side of the organisation

The role:
Lead the long term strategic business planning, income generation and policy development for Turner Contemporary.
Responsible for the management of the financial, commercial, HR, administrative, and legal functions required to operate Turner Contemporary (charity) and Turner Contemporary Enterprises.

The candidate
Entrepreneurial business skills applicable to an ambitious not-for-profit organisation with significant commercial activities.
You will be a visionary, with strong creative ideas that translate into real achievable business plans.

Deadline: Friday 21st November 2014

email jonathan@therightethos.co.uk
website http://www.therightethos.co.uk/2014/10/31/turner-contemporary/
tel +44772656271

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