Mobile/Web Designer – Anywhere

Mobile/Web Designer

Videoo is hiring a mobile/web designer to completely redesign and build out the next evolution of We have some game-changing stuff in the product pipeline that we’re really excited about so it’s a solid opportunity for a designer with the right skillset and proven experience. We’re ideally looking for freelance or part-time candidates who may be interested in the opportunity to go full-time early next year.


Videoo (pronounced vidē-ōh) is a platform that uses hashtags to connect videos into playlists. The community makes the best playlists better by watching, voting, uploading and sharing. Through mass-collaboration, Videoo evolves the art of storytelling—changing the social conversation from me to we. Many people, one #story.


Experience: Min 5+ years

Strong and visually sexy/stunning portfolio that includes platform, website and mobile app design (and optimization).

Deep conceptual understanding of responsive design (including all the technical and design challenges) -AND- the natural ability/proven experience to seamlessly translate layouts across all the various breakpoints (mobile, tablet, desktop).

Solid understanding of UX (user experience) in terms of capturing the user’s goals and motivations, the context in regards to how and where they’re using the platform and their needs in regards to what they want to be able to do…and making what they already love to do better/easier.

Solid understanding of IxD (interaction design) in terms of distilling and simplifying user flows, transactions, large amounts of display data, etc. into their simplest forms.

Ability to intuitively, beautifully and simply present data in a strong and visually compelling way while leveraging a clear, familiar and utilitarian design language.

Experience developing digital brand guidelines.

Fluent in mobile design best practices e.g., touch vs. click, touch target sizes, scrolling, navigation, etc.

Experience with contextual design (e.g., gaming if/then scenarios) – ideally creatively factoring context into the design by presenting only what you need when you need it vs. dumping everything onto the page.

Experience with CSS animation (e.g., parallax, transitions, dynamic interfaces, etc.).

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