Producer for Two Destination Language – UK

Producer for Two Destination Language

Two Destination Language are looking for a brilliant producer to work with them in 2015.

We are looking to spread our wings with an excellent producer’s help. The focus of this role is on developing international interest in our work.

We are looking for an individual who
-understands and is interested in the work we make
-has extensive experience of producing tours
-is well connected with international promoters
-has experience of working with artists touring internationally

There is a fee of £3,000 for your work with us over the next six months. Were not worried by where youre based, or how you like to work, but interested in what that might enable you to do.

We’ll meet shortlisted producers on 1st May.
Send us a short email about why you are interested in working with us and a CV or weblink:

For queries call Alister on 07786 911 954
Deadline for expressions of interest: 20 April 2015 6pm

tel 07786911954

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